How Can Technology Support the Family Caregiver?

Technology Helps Family Caregiver: Elder Care Mclean VA

Technology Helps Family Caregiver: Elder Care Mclean VA

Since her stroke, your mom needs help with household chores, personal care, and transportation. You and your brother are doing everything you can to make sure someone is with her at all hours, but it’s a lot when you also work.

Have you looked into the benefits of technology when you’re a family caregiver? Today’s tech can do many tasks that are on your list.

Robotic Vacuums

If your mom’s home has a relatively open layout, a robotic vacuum saves a lot of time. Schedule it to vacuum each week, every few days, or every day. The vacuum does the work and all you have to do is remember to empty the vacuum canister when it’s full.

Security Cameras

Security cameras both outside and inside the house are helpful. They’ll alert you if someone is approaching the door, coming up the driveway, or in the yard. If you’re expecting packages and don’t want to miss them, a security camera is a must.

Smart Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are a big help when your hands are full of groceries, you’re carrying a basket of clean laundry, or you’re entering a dark room and aren’t close to a lamp or light switch. Tell the lamp of choice to turn on and it does.

You’ll also find that smart bulbs are handy in the middle of the night. You can tell a light to turn on 25% to act as a nightlight and it will do that for you. If your mom needs help getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, dimmer lighting keeps you from waking fully.

Smart Speaker

Use a smart speaker to set multiple reminders each day. You won’t forget anything important, such as your mom’s multiple medication doses that are spread out each day. If she takes more than her morning medications, it can be hard to remember that mid-afternoon dose when you’re busy cleaning the house.

Smart speakers will issue an alarm and reminder and keep going off until you complete the task and tell the alarm to stop. You can also use a smart speaker to create a shopping list, read you a recipe, or turn on and off lights or a TV.


Certain smartwatches can track heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and sleep patterns. All of this information can help you track your mom’s sleeping patterns at night and monitor her pulse.

Some also have fall detection, which is important if it’s the middle of the night and you’re sleeping. If your mom tries to get out of bed on her own and falls, you’ll get an alert.

Technology isn’t the only way to support your mom’s care needs while also having time to socialize and take breaks. Elder care services offer you a chance to go out, have fun, and know your mom has the help she requires. Call an elder care specialist to learn more.


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