Concerned for your loved-one living alone?
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envoyatHome empowers your loved one to live at home – LONGER.
Whether living around the corner, in the next town, or multiple time zones away, all remote caregivers are entrusted with overwhelming responsibility, but armed with little more than a telephone – until now.

What is envoyatHome?

• Virtual Caregiver
• An affordable way to help keep your loved one in their home
• Respects privacy and independence while easing anxiety
• Allows you to continue your everyday routines
• Great for seniors that are reluctant to have a caregiver
• Monitors from near or far
• Tracks patterns over time providing insight into activities
• Determines care needs over time
• Monthly Care Manager visits to ensure Quality Control


• Breaks barriers of those reluctant to home care
• Follows CDC social guidelines for reducing virus exposure
• Real-time alerts/messages
• Data-based monthly trend reporting
• Low price point
• Compatible with other smart home devices
• Customizable to your loved one's needs

Family Budget Friendly

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Add unlimited family or professional caregivers
  • Receive unlimited texts and automated phone calls
  • Professional Installation Included

A Game Changer for Any Family

Whether you want to keep an eye on a loved one living alone, or you need to monitor the safety of someone living with dementia, envoyatHome offers a customizable solution.

envoyatHome Knows What’s Up

And you will too. You’ll get an alert if Dad tries to leave the house in the middle of the night, but not when he leaves to get the mail in the morning. You’ll receive notice for long periods of inactivity, but not when Mom is sleeping. You create an Activity Plan to tell the system what’s normal and what’s not—and you can easily change and adjust it at any time.

Insights into Better Caregiving

envoyatHome can tell you what your loved ones cannot. Data obtained from the system helps identify patterns of cognitive decline, health insights, safety issues and privacy concerns.

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