How Often Should You Go Over Your Dad’s Medications With Him?

AARP surveyed almost 2,000 older adults in 2016. Of those surveys, 3 out of 4 admitted they take at least one prescription medication. Of those who are specifically over the age of 65, 4 out of 5 admit they take two or more medications.

Caregiver in McLean VA: Reviewing Dad’s Medications

It’s very likely that your dad is taking at least one prescription medication. He may be adding over-the-counter medications and supplements to the list of pills he takes each day. If he does, you need to go over those medications with him at least twice a year. Here’s why.

Some Medications Do Not Go Together.

Taking medication with an over-the-counter remedy can be dangerous in certain cases. Some of the more common interactions have been with blood thinners like Warfarin. When paired with aspirin they have an increased bleeding risk.

St. John’s Wort causes several problems with different medications. If taken with statins, it can lower the effectiveness of the statin. If used with Xanax for anxiety, it can make Xanax work too slowly. SSRI medications used as antidepressants when used with the herbal supplement St. John’s Wort can cause an excessive build-up of serotonin in the body.

Has a Recall Occurred?

Your dad’s doctor or pharmacy should notify him if there’s a recall. If your dad doesn’t get the notification, he could be putting himself at risk. By regularly checking the medications your dad takes to the latest recalls on the FDA’s Drug Recalls page, you can ask questions to see if he should stop taking it.

Is He Taking Too Much or Too Little?

Could your dad be taking too high a dosage? If he gets up, takes his pills, showers, and then comes out and doesn’t remember taking his medications, he may overdose. He may get up, shower, and think he’s already taken his meds, but he really hasn’t. A weekly pill organizer can help prevent this, but only if he uses it correctly and keeps it filled.

Medication management is something you need to stay on top of. You don’t want your dad skipping a medication he needs for his health. You don’t want him taking too many dosages each day. If he struggles to remember to fill prescriptions or pick up medications, hire someone to offer reminders.

Caregivers do help with medication reminders. They can also drive him to the pharmacy or doctor’s office for refills and make calls to schedule appointments.

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