Giving Care When You Live Far Away

Being a caregiver when you live far away from your aging family member is one of the more difficult tasks you might face. It’s hard to be a long-distance caregiver and feel as if you have all the information that you need. There are some things to keep in mind.

Elder Care in Great Falls VA: Giving Care When You Live Far Away

This Is an Adjustment for Both of You.

It’s difficult for you and for your elderly family member to realize that she’s at a stage in which she needs more help. You both might have realized that this was coming, but the reality may be hitting you sooner than you expected. Remember that your senior might not be used to needing help and that takes time for her to adjust to as well.

Try to Gain Perspective on What She Needs.

You need to understand what exactly your elderly family member needs from you. She may need extra emotional support to deal with a scary diagnosis or she might need more tangible assistance. But until you have a more accurate picture of what those needs are, you can’t meet them. Sit down with your senior and talk through what she needs from you and from other support systems.

Changes Are Difficult, Which Is Why Aging in Place Is so Important.

No matter how minor the changes are that your senior is experiencing, they’re still difficult. And she has at least some sort of support system in place with friends, other family members, and community resources where she is. Aging in place is often the most comfortable way for your elderly family member to get the help that she needs because it’s the least likely to disrupt her life.

Get Some Experienced Help.

When you’re far away from your senior and she needs help, it’s difficult to feel as if you’ve really got a handle on things. Hiring elder care providers can help you to feel more in control of things and you know your senior has hands-on help when she needs it. They can handle everything from making sure her fridge is stocked and she’s eating healthy meals to handling the driving to her next doctor’s appointment. You’ll also get an honest assessment of what’s going on with her at home.

Both you and your elderly family member may have a bit of a learning curve as you become more accustomed to long-distance caregiving. Once you get a handle on what she needs, it can be a little bit easier for you to put the right solutions in place.

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