Home Care At Night Helps Seniors With COPD Sleep Better

Seniors with serious medical conditions should have 24-hour home care.

Seniors with serious medical conditions should have 24-hour home care.

If your senior parent has COPD, chances are that nighttime is difficult for them. Many seniors who have COPD have a lot of trouble sleeping. Because of the symptoms that your senior parent has from COPD, they may have to use medical equipment to sleep at night. And that can make seniors anxious to be alone at night.

24-hour home care is recommended for seniors with serious medical conditions. Your senior parent can enjoy living at home safely, but 24-hour home care is a good idea to ensure they have help if they need it.

If your senior parent has 24-hour home care, there will always be someone awake and ready to help them if they need it. That can make your senior parent and you less anxious about their safety at night.

Some of the ways that having a caregiver in the home at night can help your senior parent are:


Medication Reminders

Seniors with COPD often have coughs and shortness of breath at night, which can interrupt their sleep. If your senior parent has to take medications at night to help them sleep, a care provider can remind them to take them. If you hire a home health care provider to be with your senior parent overnight, that provider can administer medications to your senior parent. However, only a certified home health care provider can administer medication.


Assistance with Positioning

Seniors who have COPD may have to sleep in positions that are physically difficult for them to get into.  Certain positions may improve airflow and comfort for COPD patients during sleep. A caregiver can help your senior adjust their sleeping position, pillows, and support as needed to optimize breathing and reduce discomfort. A caregiver with your senior parent overnight can also ensure that your senior parent is covered up at night, has enough pillows, and is warm and comfortable all night.


Emergency Response

Seniors with COPD may experience medical situations at night that can be very scary. Problems with breathing and oxygen levels in the blood can occur suddenly and may require immediate medical attention. If a 24-hour home care provider is with your senior parent throughout the night, they can summon emergency help immediately if necessary and help keep your senior parent calm if they are experiencing a scary medical situation.


Emotional Support

It’s common for seniors to worry about being alone at night, even if they are totally healthy. No one likes being alone at night. But for seniors with COPD, the risk of something obstructing their ability to breathe as they try to sleep can create a lot of fear and anxiety. Knowing that a 24-hour home care worker they trust is watching out for them all night can help seniors relax enough to get the sleep they need. And it can make you feel better, too.



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