24-Hour Home Care: Statistics Every Senior Should Know About Home Safety

Senior Safety: 24-Hour Home Care Herndon VA

Senior Safety: 24-Hour Home Care Herndon VA

Seniors that are aging at home enjoy a lot of benefits that come from being independent. But, seniors who are aging in place need to be careful about their home security. In an ideal world, seniors would know and be able to trust the people in their neighborhoods. However, crimes against seniors are on the rise.

Crimes Against Seniors Often Go Unreported

One older study that was done by U.S. Department of Justice found that 55% of crimes against seniors are never reported to the police. Sometimes that’s because seniors don’t want to admit that they’ve been the victim of a crime. In other cases it may be that they think the attacker won’t be found anyway so they don’t want the hassle of going to the police.

Seniors are More Likely to be Victimized by Strangers

The same Department of Justice study found that seniors were 51% more likely to be victimized by strangers than by people that they knew. One thing that seniors can do to lower their risk of being the victim of a property crime where they don’t know the attacker is to make an effort to get to know the people in their neighborhood.

Seniors are More Likely to be Assaulted Close to Home

Only a small percentage of seniors report being physically attacked. Those seniors that do experience assault are more likely to be attacked near or in their homes. 59% of the seniors who are physically attacked every year report that they were assaulted in or near home. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important for seniors to reach out to their neighbors and get to know them. Having someone they trust close by that they can go to for help can help seniors feel safer at home.

Seniors are More Likely to be Victims of Property Crime

Statistically seniors are more likely to be the victims of property crime than violent crime or elder abuse crimes. Identity theft is the most common crime that targets seniors. Property crime is the next most common. Seniors are often targeted for property crimes because they tend to live alone and people think they will be easy to steal from.

How Seniors Can Protect Themselves

Seniors that want to feel safer at home should get 24-hour home care. With 24-hour home care, seniors are much less likely to experience a break in or be the victim of a property crime. That’s because seniors won’t be alone at home. There will always be a caregiver with them. When seniors have care provider with them around the clock it’s a great crime deterrent.

Seniors should also take the time to try and get to their neighbors. Being friendly with the neighbors will help seniors build a strong support network that they can rely on. It also lowers the risk that a senior will be targeted by criminals.

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