Why Is Elder Care Right for Your Senior?

So many aging adults worry that accepting help from elder care services is going to become a slippery slope of bad news like having to move or give up the independence that they’ve protected for so long. It can help a lot to talk with your elderly family member about why this type of care is exactly right for her.

She Maintains Her Independence

Elder Care Herndon, VA: Elder Care and Seniors

 Elder Care Herndon, VA: Elder Care and Seniors

One massive concern that so many seniors share is that they won’t be able to remain independent if they have elder care providers there with them. That’s luckily something that is easy to prove incorrect after just a short time of help. Your elderly family member doesn’t have to worry that anyone is going to start making decisions for her or keep her from doing whatever she wants to do herself. She’s still in charge of her life and her care.

She’s Able to Stay Where She Is

If your aging family member’s biggest goal is to remain right where she is, home care services are the perfect answer. Caregivers come to your elderly family member and offer her assistance right there in her home. She doesn’t have to move or worry that she’s going to have to leave her home in order to get the assistance that she needs.

She Has Personalized Help

And that help isn’t cookie cutter help that doesn’t meet her exact needs, either. Your elderly family member’s situation is unique and the help that elder care professionals offer to her is equally unique. There may be days that are more difficult for your senior, meaning she needs more help. When she’s feeling stronger or better able to handle tasks on her own, those days she needed more help aren’t going to count against her.

Her Quality of Life Improves

Lots of seniors don’t realize how much a little bit of extra help actually can improve their overall quality of life. That’s because your elderly family member isn’t expending time and energy trying to do things that are difficult for her to manage. She’s able to reduce her stress and let other people handle tasks that they’re better suited to take care of for her. 

Her Friends and Family Are Still Able to Help

Your elderly family member might also worry that if she has to leave her home, it would be more difficult for family members and friends to visit and to help when they are willing and able to do so. Because your elderly family member is still in her own home and making her own rules, she can still rely on friends and family members helping when it works for them. She may even see them more often.

There might be other reasons that elder care works for your elderly family member. Talk with her about her goals and what she really wants from this stage of her life. Often avoiding these conversations can lead to misunderstandings about what you expect and what your senior is afraid might happen.

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