Tips to Improve Mobility in the Bathroom

Bathroom falls are very common in the elderly. One of the most common reasons for these falls is mobility issues. As a family caregiver, there are many ways that you can help your elderly become more mobile in their bathroom. Hopefully, these tips can help your elderly loved one to be safer and be able to move around better in their bathroom.

Widening the Doorway

 In-Home Care in Chantilly, VA: Mobility in the Bathroom

How wide is your elderly loved one’s doorway in the bathroom? Do you or an in-home care provider notice that your elderly loved one is constantly hitting their cane or arms against the doorway? If this is happening, hopefully, widening the doorway, even by a couple of inches can help to increase mobility.

Proper Counter and Sink Heights

Is your elderly loved one quite tall? If so, it is important that the counters and sink in their bathroom are raised higher. That way, they don’t have to keep bending down to reach them. The more they have to bend down, the higher risk they have of falling. In addition, if your elderly loved one has a difficult time moving, having the counters and sinks at their waist level can make things a lot easier. On the other hand, if your elderly loved one is shorter, you should have someone move the counters and sink down.

Larger Shower

Does your elderly loved one have a difficult time moving around in their shower? Do you or an in-home care provider have trouble helping your elderly loved one with their baths or showers? If so, you should have someone install a larger shower in their bathroom. That will allow your elderly loved one to move around easier while showering and allow another person to help them shower, if needed, as well.

Better Toilet Access

You should also see if the toilet can be moved. It would be best to have it in a straight path from the door. This will allow your elderly loved one to get to the toilet easier. If your elderly loved one wakes up a lot throughout the night to use the bathroom, the less they have to turn around, the better and safer it will be for them.


Has your elderly loved one been having issues with mobility in their bathroom? If so, you can use the tips above to help improve their mobility. These tips can help to prevent falls and keep your elderly loved one safer in their bathroom.

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