Tips to Better Health for Elderly Men

If you are caring for your male elderly loved one, it is important to help him improve his health as much as possible. There are many health issues that elderly men commonly face. However, with certain changes and positive habits, your elderly loved one can create a better life for themselves and reduce the risk of various health issues.

Go to the Doctor

 Home Care in Arlington, VA: Health Tips for Men

Many elderly men don’t go to the doctor. They may feel that if nothing is wrong, then they don’t need to visit the doctor. Some elderly men will only go to the doctor after some is seriously wrong. You and home care providers should encourage your elderly loved one to go to the doctor regularly. For most elderly men, it is recommended to visit the doctor at least once a year. However, depending on your elderly loved one, their doctor may recommend they come in more often.

Quit Smoking

Does your male elderly loved one smoke cigarettes? If so, they know that nicotine is bad for their health. It is just a matter of getting them to quit smoking. There are many ways you can help with this. First, you can tell your elderly loved one you will be their quitting partner if you also smoke cigarettes. Then, both of you can quit. You can also have a home care provider take your elderly loved one to the doctor. The doctor can prescribe nicotine cessation products. These products have helped many others quit smoking. They might be beneficial for your elderly loved one, too.

Managing Stress

Your elderly loved one should manage their stress. Research shows that people who have lower stress levels and know how to cope with stressors have better health. If your elderly loved one needs help managing their stress, you can make a list of things that might help. Some options might include therapy, journaling, talk to a friend, or having home care providers help out. Healthy stress management is the key to better overall health. If you try helping your male elderly loved one with this, but they still have trouble coping with stress, you may want to have them see their doctor.


These are some of the tips for better health for elderly men. If you are caring for your male elderly loved one, you should have them start incorporating at least one of these tips. Hopefully, that will improve their health some. After they make one of these things a habit, they can incorporate another one of them.

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