Tips For Making Seniors Feel Safe At Home

One of the biggest concerns that seniors and their families have about seniors aging in place is security. But not just security from break-ins or crime, the security that seniors get from knowing that if they fall, get sick, or need help in any way that they will be able to get it. Seniors and their families worry about seniors falling and being unable to reach the phone, or getting into other situations that could have potentially serious consequences. 24-hour home care is the best way to ensure that seniors feel safe at home.

With 24 hour home care someone is always in the home and awake, around the clock. So when your senior loved one goes to bed someone will be there if they need help getting to the bathroom, or need medication in the middle of the night. And if your senior loved one gets scared or lonely at night someone will be there with them to help them feel calmer and less anxious. Some other things that can make seniors feel safe at home are:

Visits From Neighbors

24-Hour Home Care Reston, VA: Senior Safety

24-Hour Home Care Reston, VA: Senior Safety

If your senior loved one lives in a neighborhood where they know their neighbors getting regular visits from the neighbors can make them feel safer and less alone. You could ask some of the neighbors to stop by a couple of times during the week just to see if your senior loved one needs anything. Your senior loved one will feel more secure knowing someone close by will be checking on them regularly. 

Cameras And Security Lights

Security cameras and motion activated lights can help seniors feel safer at home. Motion activated lights are a good deterrent and they also make it safer for seniors who go outside at night. Camera doorbells and security cameras make it safer for seniors because they can see who is at the door and talk to them without having to open the door. Home security cameras give you access to your senior parent’s home so you would be able to see if something happened, like if your senior parent fell, and you’d be able to get help. 

A Voice Activated Assistant

A voice activated assistant can be a big help for seniors. It can get them information like the news or the weather but it can also give them the ability to call for help anywhere in the house. If your senior loved one accidentally fell in the bedroom or hallway or another part of the house where there isn’t a phone they could just call out for the voice activated assistant to call you or to call for emergency services. 

A Daily Check In Call

A quick five or ten minute call from you each day at a set time is a great way to make your senior parent feel safer at home. Those daily check in calls mean a lot to seniors. You don’t have to have a long conversation, but just touching base with each other once a day will give you both peace of mind.

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