Things Family Caregivers Should Know About In-Home Care

Family Caregivers: In-Home Care Chantilly VA

Family Caregivers: In-Home Care Chantilly VA

If you’re a family caregiver to a senior adult, you may be considering in-home care to help your senior parent. There are a lot of benefits to in-home care, and with the extra support given by a caregiver, seniors seem to thrive much better in their own environment.

Is home care right for your senior parent? Family caregivers that are struggling to balance caring for kids, working, and caring for a senior parent can get the break they need when their senior parent has home care. Most seniors are healthier and happier at home, even those who are still able to do a lot of things for themselves benefit from in-home care. But before you make a decision for your senior parent, here are a few things to know.

The Need For Home Care Is Growing

According to a survey by AARP more than 77% of seniors are planning on living independently and per New York Times, there are more than six million older adults that need daily assistance at home. That number is expected to double to 12 million in just the next ten years. In-home care gives seniors the practical support they need to live well at home no matter what their health challenges are. It’s very common for seniors to have care at home to help them bridge the gap between totally independent living and living in a nursing home.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

When family caregivers talk to seniors about home care, many object that it’s too expensive. But the average cost of in-home care isn’t high. There are a number of programs that can help seniors pay for home care. Some insurance carriers will cover the full cost of in-home care for seniors. Medicare will pay for home care in some circumstances too. Don’t let the cost of home care stop you from getting care for a senior parent.

Home Care Helps Senior Avoid Falls

Millions of seniors experience falls at home every year. In some cases the injuries from those falls are very serious. When seniors have the help and support of a dedicated home caregiver, they are much less likely to have a fall at home. They are much more likely to be happy and healthy. Home care providers are a fantastic resource for seniors who really want to remain independent.

In-Home Care Is There When You Can’t Be

Even the most dedicated caregiver needs time off. You may get sick. Or you may have a project come up at work you can’t put off. When your senior parent has in-home care you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can make it to your senior parent’s house to help them out. You can be sure that your senior parent is being well-looked after while you focus on your other responsibilities and your own health.

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