Senior Home Care Hacks For Those With Arthritis

Arthritis: Senior Home Care Falls Church VA

Arthritis: Senior Home Care Falls Church VA

Arthritis can be hard to live with, especially for seniors who may feel pain and be limited in their daily activities. But there are several tips and tricks that can help them deal with arthritis and make their lives better. With the help of their senior home care team, loved ones, and the following tips, they can start to live a tad more pain-free.

Reducing Pain With a Few Simple Tips

Keep a healthy weight. Extra weight puts more pressure on the joints, which makes arthritis symptoms worse. Seniors with arthritis should keep a healthy weight by eating well and exercising regularly, focusing on low-impact exercises like walking and swimming. They can also gain support from their senior home care aids by learning new ways to cook foods and with healthy meal planning.

Use Assistive Devices

Different aids can help relieve stress on joints that hurt from arthritis. Seniors can care for their joints and feel more stable by using supportive shoes, orthotic inserts, canes, walkers, or grab bars in their homes. Additionally, adaptive tools can make it easier for seniors to do daily chores. For example, jar openers, long-handled reachers, button hooks, and zipper pulls can make it easier for people with arthritis.

Change Your Home

Making changes to the home makes it easier for seniors with arthritis to complete their daily tasks. Loved ones and senior home care aids can install lever-style door handles, change knobs with handles that are easy to hold, use lamps that turn on when touched, and use remote controls with big buttons to reduce joint strain and make things easier.

Use Heat and Cold Treatment

Heat and cold treatment can help ease arthritis pain temporarily. Warm compresses or heating pads can loosen stiff joints and improve blood flow, while cool packs can reduce swelling and dull pain. Seniors can try both ways to determine which works best for them. Senior home care providers can ensure the treatments aren’t too hot or cold.

Increase Joint-Friendly Exercises

Regular exercise is essential to controlling arthritis because it helps strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and make joints less stiff. Seniors should choose low-impact activities like swimming, water aerobics, tai chi, or gentle stretching practices that are made for people with arthritis.

Implement Ergonomic Solutions

Seniors can benefit from solutions that make working and writing easier on their joints. Ergonomic computers, office chairs that support you, and pen grips can help relieve pressure and reduce pain.

Take Breaks and Move Slowly

Seniors should pay attention to their bodies and stop when they need to. Managing fatigue and reducing joint stress can be done by spacing out tasks and taking breaks in between.

Manage Stress

Stress can make arthritis symptoms worse, so it’s crucial for seniors to find ways to relax every day. Deep breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, or doing something they enjoy can help you relax and deal with pain.

Remember that it’s vital for seniors with arthritis to talk to their doctors to devise a plan that works for them. These “life hacks” can be used in addition to support from senior home care and loved ones to help seniors deal with arthritis symptoms each day.

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