Prepare Your Mom for Home Care Assistance

Statista studied the state of home care and found that most people receiving home care assistance were 65 or older. Personal care and grooming are the most required services, with 97% of those in the study receiving those services. Ambulation and transfers were second at 91%.

Of those getting help, 60.9% are female. Your mom needs help as she ages at home. It’s not surprising. Help her find the right services and build a care plan that works for her using these tips.

Sit Down With the Family

Home Care Falls Church, VA: Home Care Assistance

 Home Care Falls Church, VA: Home Care Assistance

Gather the family for an honest discussion of the things your mom needs help completing. Build a care plan that matches her changing needs.

Make sure everyone shares their input. You may have seen how well your mom does with dressing, but how about meals at night? Your brother may have found that she eats frozen pizzas all of the time.

Talk to your mom. What does she feel she needs help with? Does she have a hard time with laundry? If so, that goes onto her care plan. Find out if she’s comfortable driving or needs others to drive her to stores and medical offices.

Get Her Home Ready

Go through her home and make sure it’s set up for her to age at home. If she is starting to be less steady on her feet, she should have grab bars in the bathroom. Make sure her stair railings are sturdy and attached to anchors in the wall and not the sheetrock or wood paneling.

Check her floors to make sure the carpeting isn’t loose. If it is, it could trip her. If she has wood floors, remove slippery decorative throw rugs.

Walk Her Through How Home Care Works

When you have her care plan written out, walk through a typical day with her. Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. Start from the moment she gets up. Does she shower first or take her medications? When does she eat breakfast?

How does her day go from there? Spend a day with her and go through her activities outside, the cleaning tasks that she wants to complete, and when she likes to have her meals and snacks.

When does she call it a day? Can she get ready for bed without help? Is she comfortable being alone at night or would she rather have a caregiver with her during the night too?

Once you’ve gone through a full day, double-check that the care plan covers everything. If you need to adjust it, do that before you call to arrange home care assistance.
Call a Home Care Agency

It’s time to arrange the services your mom needs. Take her list of questions and call an agency. The home care assistance specialist answers your questions and provides pricing and schedules. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care in Falls Church, VA please contact the caring staff at Butters Home Health Care today. (703) 371-2113