How Does Home Care Protect Your Senior’s Independence?

If your senior is finding life to be more difficult in general, that can lead to feelings of poor self-worth and frustration. Bringing in home care providers for your elderly family member may feel to her as if you’re further restricting her independence, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Having the help that she needs allows your senior to be stronger and safer, both of which contribute greatly to her independence.

Assisting with Companionship

Home Care Mclean, VA: Seniors and Independence

Home Care Mclean, VA: Seniors and Independence

Having companionship is a much bigger concern than even your senior might realize. When seniors become lonely, they are more likely to self-isolate and that can lead to serious issues related to mental and even physical health. Elder care providers are able to spend time with your senior, offering gentle companionship. And if your elderly family member wants to be around other people, caregivers are able to help her do that as well.

Helping with Errands

Errands seem so simple, until suddenly they aren’t. It can be difficult for your elderly family member to get out as much as she needs to. And if she doesn’t drive any longer, she may feel trapped at home. Home care providers can go with your senior, ensuring that she’s safe and has the help that she needs while she is running errands.

Helping with Household Tasks

Household tasks are another seemingly simple set of tasks that become a lot more difficult as your aging family member ages. Senior care providers are able to assist with these tasks, making your senior safer at home and enabling her to save energy for other tasks. That help could be enough to allow her to keep taking care of other tasks that keep her feeling independent.

Assisting with Mobility Needs

Mobility is more than just your senior getting out of the house. In terms of her mobility at home, if walking is difficult for your senior, home care providers can walk with her and offer support as she walks. Another way that caregivers help is by reminding your senior to use assistive devices like walkers when she needs them the most.

Offering Help with Hygiene Tasks

Hygiene tasks, like showering and washing hair, may not be as easy now as they once were for your senior. Help from home care providers may feel embarrassing to your senior at first, but these are essential tasks. Personal care help ensures that your senior can continue to live in her home for as long as possible while still getting the assistance that she needs.

Independence is a complicated feeling for seniors. Your elderly family member may understand that she needs help and yet still find it difficult at times to accept that help. Making sure that your elderly family member has the help that she needs ensures that she’s able to have support while doing as much on her own as she needs and wants to do. This can do so much for your senior’s self-esteem and moods, which further impacts her overall well-being.

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