How Companion Care at Home Improves Senior Mental Health

Senior Mental Health: Companion Care at Home Verndon VA

Senior Mental Health: Companion Care at Home Herndon VA

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Mental health is something that many seniors struggle with. Seniors who are aging at home may have a hard time taking care of their mental health because of the unique challenges that come with living alone. While there are big benefits for seniors that live independently, there are some challenges too. Loneliness, anxiety, and depression can be worse for seniors that are aging in place because they live alone. Hiring a companion care at home provider can help protect and improve their mental health.

Get Companion Care at Home

Companion care at home is great for seniors that are aging at home. When seniors have companion care at home, a provider will come to the house on a regular basis to provide companionship. Seniors are more likely to go out to movies, or shopping, or to go see fun things if they have someone that will drive them and will enjoy going places with them. Companions can also help seniors with things like getting to volunteer jobs, shopping for hobby supplies, exercising, or even just watching TV.

Get a Pet

Pets can be a great source for companionship and love for seniors. The unconditional love of a pet can transform a senior’s life and bring meaning, love, and purpose back to their lives. Pets can help seniors live longer, have lower stress, and having a pet can encourage your senior loved one to be more active too. Seniors who have are dogs also tend to more active than seniors that don’t. Having a pet can help seniors avoid developing mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, and their caregivers can help out too.

Go Out of the House

One of the best things that seniors can do to protect and improve their mental health is go out and do things. Even just going for a walk or going outside for a few minutes can make a big difference in a senior’s mental health. Taking a walk at the park or going for a short hike in nature gives seniors the chance to get in touch with nature, breath fresh air, and feel like they’re part of the world again. Seniors can also improve their mental health by spending time with people. Going out to lunch, joining a book club, or doing other social activities can also help seniors fight anxiety and depression.

Stay in Touch With Family and Friends

Seniors who are close with their families usually have better mental health than seniors that don’t talk to their families often. If family members live far away staying in touch can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Video chats, phone calls, and connecting on social media are all things that seniors can do to maintain their relationships with their friends and family. Family member should also call their senior parents regularly to check in and just talk for a few minutes.

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