How Can You Help Your Senior to Prepare for the End?

It’s extremely common for people to avoid end-of-life conversations because they’re difficult. But if your elderly family member is determined to live her life on her own terms, that means discussing situations like the end of her life on her own terms, too. Having more information and making plans now ensures that you’re able to get her closer to those goals.

Talk with Her about What She Wants at the End of Her Life

Hospice Care Reston, VA: End of Life and Seniors

Hospice Care Reston, VA: End of Life and Seniors

Even if your senior doesn’t talk about the later stages of her life, she may have some specific goals and wants for that time. Lots of times it’s difficult to open up those conversations, but it’s essential. Talk with your elderly family member about what she wants from this stage in her life and determine what you need to do in order to help her make that happen.

Work with Her Medical Providers to Understand What She’s Facing

What is her medical situation? It’s possible that your senior is dealing with bigger medical issues than she wants to talk about. If you and your elderly family member haven’t really talked about all of that, it’s definitely time for you to do just that. You need to have an understanding about what she is facing and what the time-frame is for all of that.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Other Situations

If your aging family member has pets or some other situation, like a thriving online friend group, it’s important that you know how she wants those handled if something happens. Pets need a new home and may need additional care before your elderly family member passes away. Notifying your senior’s friends and family members in the way she wants them to be notified is also important.

Consider Hospice Care Sooner

So many people wait to consider options like hospice care because they worry that the situation just is not at that stage. This is why it’s so important to understand your elderly family member’s health situation and what she wants. You’re going to be in a much better position to get her the end-of-life care that she needs, when she needs it, when you have more information.

Revisit Plans to Make Sure They Still Fit

Ideally, your senior will have a longer life expectancy than either of you originally think. That’s great, but it also means that you need to revisit the plans you make with her to make sure that they still fit. Continuing to re-evaluate those plans ensures that if anything changes with her preferences or her health, you’re able to make accommodations in order to meet new expectations. 

Remember to take care of yourself and your needs during this process, too. It’s not easy to talk about the end of your senior’s life. There are a lot of ways that hospice care services can help you and other family members to deal with bereavement, anticipatory grief, and other issues you’re experiencing around your senior nearing the end of her life.

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