Why Are You Uncomfortable Getting Help?

You probably know that having more help would make your life as a caregiver a lot easier, but you might still be resisting the idea. Whether you’re turning down help from friends and family or scared to hire home care services, there are reasons for your feelings. It can help to get to the bottom of those feelings as soon as you can.

Home Care Herndon VA – Why Are You Uncomfortable Getting Help?

What Do You Feel When You Think about Asking for Help?

Lots of times caregivers just like you think about asking for more help or about hiring home care providers and realize that they experience a flood of dread, guilt, or other negative feelings. Take a moment and try to pinpoint what it is that you’re feeling exactly. This can be more complicated than you expect because there are usually a variety of feelings that pop up.

Worrying More Doesn’t Fix Things

If your approach until now has been to just put more energy toward worrying about how you’re going to get everything done, you’ve probably already learned that doesn’t do it. Worrying makes you feel like you’re doing something, though, even when you aren’t. It’s much better to take that same energy and put it toward actual action.

Home Care Providers Aren’t There to Take Over

One of the reasons you might have avoided hiring home care providers is that you’re afraid they’re going to take over and tell you everything that you’re doing wrong. The reality is that they’re there to help you and to help your family member. Building trust in their ability to help you is crucial in order to get the most from what they can do for you. Try having them handle smaller situations for you so that you can experience what it feels like to have their help in your corner.

This Is a Process

This isn’t going to get resolved overnight for you. You might have done a lot of work around accepting help more gracefully, but there can still be situations that make you feel nervous or uncomfortable. The key is that you’re continuing to try to find the help that you need and that you’re getting more open to letting people help you. That is all incredibly important.

Getting help as a caregiver is essential. You can’t do everything alone, no matter how much you think that you can. You need to be able to ask for help and know that it’s there for you.

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