Home Care Assistance Tips for Family Vacations with Seniors

Family Vacations: Home Care Assistance Arlington VA

Family Vacations: Home Care Assistance Arlington VA

Family vacations are a great time for everyone in the family to get to spend time with senior loved ones, especially grandkids who may not get to see them at other times. They become great memories that everyone will be able to look back happily in the years to come. For seniors who live far away from their children and grandchildren, family vacations may be the one time each year they get to spend time with their loved ones. Seniors with home care assistance can rely on home care to help them plan and pack for family trips.

Planning a trip for a large group of people of all ages can be a logistical challenge. Home care assistance can help seniors get ready for a family trip. Below are some other things that the families can do to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy throughout the trip.

Rent a Vacation Home

When you’re planning a family vacation, it just makes sense to rent a vacation home instead of a hotel. Seniors will usually be much more comfortable in a home than in a hotel. A hotel may not have the accommodations that seniors need like having bathrooms wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or showers big enough for shower chairs. Just look for a one story home or at least a home that has a primary suite on the main floor for your senior parent. You may also want to look for a vacation home that has hard floors and not area rugs to minimize the risk of your senior parent falling.

Choose a Central Location For Home Base

Whether you end up renting a vacation home or staying in a hotel, pick one that is close to the center of everything. If everyone on the trip is car-dependent it can make it difficult for people to go off and do things on their own. Sometimes your senior parent or some of the kids may need some quiet time to relax and adjust. If the home base is in a central location everyone else can go shopping, out to eat, to a resort or an attraction, or go do some outdoor activities while the seniors on the trip rest.

Make Sure There Are Activities For All Ages

Nothing will ruin a family vacation like having nothing to do. So when choosing a location look for a place that will have something for the whole family. Seniors may not enjoy a wilderness vacation with only strenuous outdoor activities to do. Younger kids may not enjoy a vacation filled with shopping, shows, and restaurants. It’s a great idea to choose a vacation destination that has a mix of activities. And also, try to find a vacation home or hotel that has a pool or other on-site activities so that there’s plenty to do on-site as well as off.

Bring Board Games and DVDs

The trip is about making memories, so make sure to pack some family friendly DVDs and lots of board games so the family can spend time together making some memories together.

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