Are Seniors More Vulnerable to Foodborne Infection?

Foodborne illness and infection, sometimes referred to as food poisoning, is something many people think about only in terms of eating at a restaurant, or purchasing food that has been contaminated. The reality, however, is that the majority of the 48 million cases of food-borne infections that occur in the United States each year are as a result of food prepared in the home, and do not involve food recalled by a company. As a family caregiver for an elderly adult, it is important to recognize that seniors tend to be more vulnerable to foodborne infections than younger people, and are more likely to experience more severe consequences as the results of these infections. Understanding this can help you to take the steps to protect your parent from such an illness, and to give them the care they need should such an infection arise.

Elder Care in McLean VA: Seniors and Foodborne Infection

Elder Care in McLean VA: Seniors and Foodborne Infection

Some reasons seniors are more vulnerable to foodborne infections include:

  • Lower immune systems that make them more likely to contract and illness or infection, and to have a more difficult time fighting off this infection should it occur.
  • Greater instance of health problems that further lower their immune system, and make it harder for them to fight off the parasites, viruses, or bacteria that has caused the illness or infection.
  • Seniors with cognitive functioning decline are less likely to understand the potential risks of food safety issues, and how to avoid them. They are more likely to consume food that is spoiled.
  • Seniors dealing with sensory decline, such as loss of sense of smell or taste, are less able to detect signs of food spoilage that could make it more likely to contract a foodborne illness or infection.


Elderly care can make a tremendous difference in your senior’s health and well-being. An elderly home care services provider can be an integral part of their regular care routine, helping them to not only manage their challenges and limitations, but also to take control of their health and well-being. Customized services designed with them as a whole individual in mind are specifically meant to help your parent live their highest quality of life. This can include medication reminders and reminders about treatments and doctor guidelines to empower your parent about their physical health, companionship for emotional health, and mental stimulation, assistance with personal care, and mobility support for maintenance of independence.

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